Privacy Policy of Wansport

Privacy Policy

Review: A.

Date of last revision: March 4, 2023.

Information for the processing of personal data pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 679/2016.

1. Processing and Data Controller.

2. Personal data processed

3. Images and videos uploaded by Users and Hosts

4. Purpose of the treatment

5. Legal basis of the treatment

6. Data provided by the interested party and data collected during sporting activities

7. Access permissions and data sharing with apps and devices

8. Processing methods

9. Recipients of data

10. Sharing of data with the Host and its role

11. Data Transfer

12. Data Retention

13. Information relating to the sending of newsletters and commercial communications

14. Information on the use of cookies and other tracking tools

15. Rights of the interested party

16. Specific information for Hosts

17. Changes to the privacy policy

1. Processing and Data Controller. is a support service for the practice of sport and physical training in multiple sports disciplines. The platform is accessible to Users via the website and applications for mobile devices and other devices and is managed by the company Enterprise Digital Solutions s.r.l. (with registered office in Bari, Via Fratelli Mannarino 37, and email address The data controller you can contact is Enterprise Digital Solutions s.r.l. (email address The Data Controller of personal data, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 13 of the 2016/679 European Regulation (GDPR) and the additional provisions in force, you are required to provide some information regarding the use of your personal data.

2. Personal data processed

The Data Controller processes the personal data of users of the Platform of the following subjects:

• Users who use the Platform to practice their favorite sport;

• Sports Centers (hereinafter also referred to as sports facilities or hosts) that use the platform to provide their services;

• Customers who use the Platform to purchase services and physical products such as sportswear, tools for sports or training and possibly accessories and objects of all kinds.

These natural persons are also identified below as “Data Subjects”, in accordance with the definitions provided by current legislation. Below we briefly explain which data we use and for what purposes.

Identity Data, including: first name (first name, last name), date of birth, email address, gender, profile picture, preferred language, IP address, social media identifiers and information we receive through your Facebook account or Google. We use this data to verify your identity, for service provision, for payments and for messaging on the Platform.

Contact details, including: your telephone number, shipping and billing address, email address, social media and any other communication channels you used to contact us for the purpose of obtaining further information. We use this data to contact you for different reasons depending on the purpose as well as to be able to carry out the delivery services of the physical products purchased through the Platform.

Host data: in relation to the Sports Centres, the data provided by the latter in their profile or otherwise communicated to for the use of the services or the Platform are processed. Then data is collected on the type and characteristics of the services they offer. This information is processed for the purpose of promoting the services and is therefore made public with the knowledge of the Host and in its commercial interest. The purpose is to allow the Host to be known by the potential customer and to sell their services within the Platform. The images, audio and videos made under the contract between and the Host are also processed.

Data about your location, including: physical address. We use this data to manage our products and tailor your experience with the products to your geographical area, possibly connecting Users and Hosts within the Platform, as well as for billing.

In-game measurements and preferences, including: age, weight, height, and hypothetical body fat percentage (which you provide to us). We use this data to manage our products and offer you tailor-made solutions for you.

Communication data: within the Platform it is possible to send messages to other subjects (for example between Host and User, between Users or in the public chats). The data is therefore managed within the chat for the purpose of providing the service and reading previous messages by users. recommends not to transmit sensitive data within messages. The name you provided will appear next to the message.

Data relating to payments: for purchases made by Users on the platform (including the purchase of physical products through the Platform) for payments by the Hosts and for payments by in favor of the Hosts, some data are necessarily processed personal data including, in addition to the contact details, also the tax code, the billing address and possibly some payment details. The purpose is to allow payments to be made. does not have access to the complete credit card number (and does not process it in any way) which is managed directly by the service provider.

Purchase information, including: payment service provider, length of subscription, price, currency. We use payment service providers to process payments and to handle any refunds. Although we do not store credit card data, we do store the payment identification number which is issued by the respective provider (e.g. Apple, Google, Stripe, Paypal, Mollie, Shopify) and may be assigned to you. We use it to process your payments.

Device and usage information, including: data about your device or browser that gives us insights into your browsing habits or device usage. Device information is collected through our apps and your browsing data is collected by our cookies, tags and pixels. The data collected by monitoring services such as Adjust, Google Analytics, Google Firebase, Facebook Analytics and the Facebook pixel are therefore processed. Such information includes, but is not limited to: IP address, date and time of visit, duration of sessions on our website and App, volume of data transmitted, the referring URL (if you came to our site via a another website or an advertisement), the pages you visit on our site, your browser type (including language and browser software version) and add-ons, device identifiers and features, device type, versions, operating system. This is often necessary for purposes related to network security, as well as for the owner’s needs related to tracking the use of the service and for the development and improvements of the services.

Preference and physique data, including: preferred language, login location, units of measurement (distance, weight, temperature), personal goals and motivation, information you provide us about your current athletic status and the status you want to achieve, your commentary on sports activities and workouts. We use this data to provide you, with automated tools, our personalized activity recommendation service based on your information, to provide you with our service that allows you to get in touch with a trusted Host and to allow you to monitor your results and track activities by viewing history.

Activity and achievement data, including: data about your sports, gaming, fitness activities, information about your workout schedule (e.g., start date, alignment schedule, associated fitness activities), information about your workouts (e.g. example training start and end times, type of activity, sport category), hypothetical calories consumed, your comments. We use this data to manage our products, to help you improve your performance goals and user experience, and to identify the most suitable products and services for you based on your sporting habits. We use this data to provide you, with automated tools, our personalized recommendation program service based on your information, to provide you with our service that allows you to get in touch with a trusted Host, and to allow you to monitor your results and track activities by viewing history.

Images that you upload to the platform, including: profile picture and uploaded images for progress tracking. We only use this data if you decide to provide it to us (you are under no obligation to do so). The profile image will be visible to the other Users of the platform and to the Hosts you choose to connect to.

Finally, it should be noted that the computer systems and software procedures used to operate the App (Apple Store or Google Play) may acquire some data relating to Users transmitted in the use of smartphones and devices used. Among them could include, by way of example but not limited to, the geographical position, the identity of the telephone, the User’s contacts, e-mail, credit card data. For more information on the processing and protection of personal data and the related settings, you can consult:

Apple Store:

Google Play:

3. Images and videos uploaded by Users and Hosts.

Among the services of there is the possibility of uploading your own images and videos. The User can upload such contents to communicate the activity done. The User’s contents are visible to the public or reserved only for the User and his connected Host. The Host can upload images and videos to show Users their services or to show bookable sports activities or other. The images and videos uploaded by the Host could be public on the Platform or visible by numerous subjects depending on the purposes. The interested party can provide for the cancellation of these images from the databases at any time or request their cancellation if the conditions are met.

Protection of uploaded images: offers a high level of IT protection against unwanted access to the images saved on its databases but (unless otherwise provided by mandatory law) does not assume responsibility for the case in which third parties manage to access the images in unpredictable ways and such that they cannot reasonably be avoided. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the interested party to keep their profile access credentials confidential as they allow access to images and other information. assumes no responsibility in the event of unwanted access to the profile and content using the correct credentials.

Prohibition of uploading images of third parties, prohibited or offensive images or nude images: It is absolutely forbidden for the User and the Host to upload images of other people or to upload images whose use or possession is prohibited by law or which are offensive and in any case it is forbidden to insert nude images. Regardless of whether this results in a criminal offence, it is generally prohibited to upload content of a pornographic, sexual, violent, racist, seditious, discriminatory, inappropriate for minors, offensive and/or defamatory nature.

When posting your content, you must comply with all applicable rules and laws. The User and the Host are also required to refrain from violating the rights of third parties. This applies in particular to personal rights of third parties and intellectual property rights of third parties (e.g. copyright and trademark rights). In particular, it must respect the necessary rights for the uploaded images. The viewing of images by and its employees and collaborators is limited according to the privacy legislation and therefore no moderation activity is carried out. The only activity of consists, using IT methods, in saving the images and making them available to the same User or Host who uploaded them. We are entitled at any time and without notice to delete or remove content that is illegal or violates the aforementioned principles. In case of violation of the principles set out above, we reserve the right to warn you or temporarily block your profile or cancel the user agreement for just cause in accordance with this clause.

Responsibility of the User or of the Host for the images. By uploading the images, the User or the Host assumes all responsibility for them, releases from any liability towards them and expressly releases from any liability towards third parties. The User or the Host must indemnify for all claims by third parties following a violation of their rights by the User or the Host in relation to the uploaded content. The User or Host is also required to bear the costs of all legal actions in which may be involved in connection with the aforementioned requests, including all court costs and legal fees to the maximum extent permitted by law, unless your liability for such infringement has been expressly excluded. In the event that a request is submitted by a third party, the User or the Host must provide, in a timely and accurate manner, with all the information available to the User or the Host that may be necessary to verify the request and prepare a defensive action. This provision does not affect further claims for damages that may eventually bring against the User or the Host.

4. Purpose of the treatment

Personal data is processed by the Data Controller for the purposes described above and therefore for:

Manage the platform and provide the service to Users, to authenticate your access to an account, verify your subscription, provide you with information relating to available sports activities, participate in activities, events, matches, tournaments, rankings and use all the functions of the Platform including the chat, access your preferences and objectives, monitor and track your bookings and achievements to allow you to follow your activities, your statistics and your progress.

Management of messaging services within the Platform, as among the services there are also communication tools internal to the platform itself, such as for example the chat with the Host (for example if the User connects to a Host) or the public chat during the activities which allows the User to write messages that are viewed by the other Users of the activity and by the Host. In the public chat, the name (entered during registration or subsequently modified) of the User who sent the message will be displayed and will be visible to the Host and to the other Users.

Management of purchases and payments that allows you to manage both credit and debit payment transactions, for purchases by Users on the Platform, for purchases of physical products on the Platform, for subscriptions by Users and Hosts, and for payments to Hosts. The data necessary for accounting, invoicing and tax management purposes are also managed.

Customer support, to make inquiries, respond to your inquiries and resolve complaints and service issues, e.g. to contact you following a question you have asked our customer service team.

Fulfillments connected to the execution of the contractual relationship, to process payment and subscription activation, manage orders relating to the purchase of physical products, manage administrative, accounting, civil and fiscal obligations.

Business and R&D needs, to manage our business needs, including the creation (anonymous and aggregated) of statistics on the use of our services also broken down by age group, location and other, to monitor, analyze and improve the use of our products; we use, always in anonymous and/or aggregate form, all data relating to booked activities and progress in order to improve our Products and to develop and train our automated algorithms; as well as to protect the safety or integrity of the products themselves and their performance and functionality. For example, we analyze user behavior and research how our products are used and we process Data, including public feedback, to conduct research for the further development of our Products and our software and algorithms, to in order to offer you and others a better, more intuitive and personalized experience, and to support the growth and engagement of users with our Products.

General marketing. Unless otherwise expressly stated in this Privacy Policy (e.g. when using Apple’s HealthKit tool), we process Data to provide you with (personalised) marketing material about online products and services. The Host data can be used for the purpose of promoting the Host’s services.

Marketing and communications via email/push message. Your email address/telephone number communicated when registering with will be used to provide you with communications, promotions and information on the service. With your consent, we may send you personalized marketing emails or push messages with information on sports and health-related topics, as well as related and non-related products.

5. Legal basis of the treatment

The legal basis of the processing is represented by the need to execute the contract (art. 6.1.b of the GDPR), by the consent expressed during registration (art. 6.1.a of the GDPR), by the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the Data Controller relating to the of one’s economic activity (art. 6.1.f of the GDPR), from the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the interested party to use the services (art. 6.1.f of the GDPR) and from the legal obligation (art. 6.1.c of the GDPR) .

6. Data provided by the interested party and data collected during sporting activities

The provision of data is necessary for the provision of the service of the owner, and in some cases to comply with the law and to protect the legitimate interest of the owner. Therefore, the failure, partial or incorrect provision of such personal data will result in the objective impossibility for the Data Controller to establish or regularly conduct the contractual relationship. Most of the Personal Data is recorded by us when the data subject himself spontaneously communicates it to us, for example when he contacts us, especially when registering a account, when placing an order or activating a subscription, when interacting with the Platform, when using the chat, when contacting Customer Service (using email, mobile phone or pec), when uploading photos or entering or modifying information or requesting information. Some data is collected during the activities themselves in order to provide the activity tracking service. Some data necessary for the creation of the profile can also be collected through the Facebook or Google account. If you register a account using your social login data, we will receive the following information: From Facebook Inc. (1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, “Facebook”): first and last name, address and -email, gender, date of birth, profile picture. From Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, “Google”): first and last name, email address, gender, date of birth and profile picture. From Apple Inc. (Infinite Loop 1 Cupertino California)”): first and last name, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, profile picture. For more information on the processing and protection of personal data by Facebook and on related settings, you can consult the “Data Policy” ( and the “Terms of Use” ( terms) of Facebook. Here are also the current conditions governing the above option of accessing or registering via Facebook. For more information on the processing and protection of personal data by Google and on the related settings, you can consult the relevant page ( and the Terms of Service (https://policies. by Google. Here are also the current conditions governing the above option of accessing or registering through Google.

7. Access permissions and data sharing with apps and devices

We need this access options and information for the technical functionality of our apps and for providing the services offered with the app and the Platform in general, in particular to be able to access your camera or photos, address book, gps location and to send push notifications. During the installation procedure and/or before the first use we ask for permission to access the individual functions and information and we will only access these functions insofar as the data subject gives their consent. You can manually block access rights in the settings according to the respective operating system. How to proceed is indicated in the instructions of the manufacturer of each OS device. However, please note that without the relevant authorisation, the use of the app will be limited or impossible. Before using the app for the first time, permissions are requested for the purposes illustrated. uses the HealthKit tool from Apple (Apple Inc., 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States), i.e. the Health App of Apple devices, which provides a central repository for health and fitness data on the iPhone and Apple Watch and, with the explicit consent of the data subject, allows apps to communicate with HealthKit to access and share this data.

Depending on your settings, data may be transferred from to HealthKit and vice versa.

In any case, the data is processed in the manner and for the purposes described in this statement. Specifically, the data collected by HealthKit will be used by only to provide health, movement and fitness services connected with the App. However, the data collected by HealthKit will not be used by for marketing, advertising or other usage-based data mining purposes, including sharing with third parties. and its statistical service providers may analyze engagement data for research purposes, in order to offer a personalized experience and to motivate engagement in healthy habits. You can choose whether to activate the data exchange between and HealthKit by accepting when prompted or by selecting your preferences in the settings. You can also choose to enable sharing of some data and not others. You can prevent from accessing your data at any time by changing the settings on your mobile device. Functions similar to Healthkit could be implemented for other devices and in particular through the Google Fit function for Android devices. may have functions that include the use of wearable devices such as smartwatches.

8. Processing methods

The Data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Reg. 2016/679, hereinafter also GDPR), as well as with the additional provisions of the law in force, including the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree 96/ 2003) and the Legislative Decree 101/2018. Personal data is used only to the extent that it is necessary to fulfill and perform our services or for other purposes as described in this statement. The processing of personal data is based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency. The treatment may be carried out using manual, paper, electronic and IT tools with methods strictly related to the purposes for which the data are processed and in any case in compliance with the provisions of art. 32 GDPR regarding security measures and through the use of suitable procedures that avoid the risk of loss, unauthorized access, illicit use and dissemination. The Data Controller does not carry out treatments that consist of automated decision-making processes that produce legal effects that concern him or that significantly affect his person in a similar way. The data is used and processed in a computerized and automated way only for the creation of the training plan. Some profiling activities can be carried out for the purpose of sending emails and communications. With reference to the data processed through the use of cookies, see below.

9. Recipients of data

The personal data processed by the Data Controller will not be disclosed, i.e. it will not be disclosed to indeterminate subjects, in any possible form. The Data Controller’s collaborators will be able to access the data. In particular, on the basis of the roles and job duties performed, some collaborators of the Data Controller have been authorized to process personal data within the limits of their competences and in compliance with the instructions given to them by the Data Controller himself. In the event that the User sends a message in the public chat, the message and the User’s name will be visible to the Host and to all other Users of the activity. In the event that the User sends a message in the private chat, the message and the User’s name will be visible only to the other recipient User. In the event that the User sends a message in the group chat, the message and the User’s name will be visible to all other Users in the group.

They may also be communicated, within the strictly necessary limits, to external subjects who collaborate with the Data Controller, who will assume the role of data processors or independent data controllers, depending on the case; these subjects include: auditing firms, law firms, payment or video communication service providers, suppliers for the sale of physical products, server supplier, database service provider, e-mail and newsletter service providers , suppliers of call center services, customer success and CRM services, banks and credit institutions, as well as all subjects entitled to access them by virtue of the provisions of the law, regulations, community regulations. We will share the Data with third parties if necessary, for the purposes covered by the contract, or following a request from a national authority, or following a court ruling, or if required by law, or if necessary to carry out investigations and defend ourselves against claims or allegations from third parties, or to exercise and protect the rights and safety of, our members and staff; or if you have (explicitly) given your consent.

10. Sharing of data with the Host and its role.

Only in the event that the User decides to connect the profile with the Host, will he be able to access the data necessary to carry out his activity (the Host will not be able to access your images in any case with the exception of the profile image) and will operate as autonomous data controller. The Host will be able to interact with you through the platform and modify the services offered to you and/or create personalized offers for you. assumes no responsibility for the validity and correctness of the information and changes made by the Host. In relation to the processing of User data to which the Host has access, the latter is required to manage them in compliance with this document and with the further agreements with as well as in compliance with the GDPR and other privacy regulations. The Host is solely responsible for managing the data to which it has access, has entered into an agreement with the Host under which it undertakes to process the data in a compliant manner and will not be able in any case be held responsible for any unlawful processing by the latter. Only in the event of specific and expressed consent by the User, the connected Host will be able to access the images to be uploaded by the User in order to be able to evaluate the User’s needs according to the procedures made available to him.

11. Data Transfer

The data may be transferred outside the European Union, in particular to the USA. This transfer will in any case take place in the presence of the legal conditions or on the basis of an adequacy decision adopted by the European Commission.

12. Data Retention

The Data Controller retains and processes personal data for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes indicated and as long as there is a contractual relationship and/or one of legitimate interest. Subsequently, personal data will be kept for the time established by current civil and tax provisions.

We archive the data of the interested party for the time required for the fulfillment of the intended purpose and/or until the interested party cancels his account or until the retention periods established by law make its archiving necessary. Finally, in accordance with the legislative provisions, the data is deleted or its treatment is limited. We are required to keep your data for as long as you have an account with us. If the EU data subject stops using our services without requesting that we delete your information, we will keep the data for 25 months after the last interaction with any touchpoint. If the interested party decides to delete your account, all data on his account held by will be removed, with the exception of the Data necessary for the fulfillment of contractual obligations or for compliance with the conservation obligations established by law, which will not be eliminated but reduced to the minimum to the extent necessary, and the Data transferred to the Hosts and relating to the sales they provide. A request for deletion does not affect the Data, if their archiving is required by law or for other specific purposes.

13. Information relating to the sending of newsletters and commercial communications.

For the purpose of functioning and using the platform, the Data Controller will use the data provided by registered users to send communications relating to the products and services offered, news on sports and other informative communications, newsletters, promotional communications, including those of a commercial nature ( referring to services similar to those for which the interested party has registered) with automated methods of contact by e-mail or via push notifications.

In relation to this treatment, the indications referred to in this information are valid with the addition of the following clarifications:

1) By registering on, by providing their contact details, the interested party gives his consent to the sending of such communications. The treatment referred to in this paragraph does not require the explicit consent of the interested party, as the sending of these communications is necessary for the purpose of providing the service or is authorized pursuant to the fourth paragraph of the art. 130 of the Privacy Code.

2) In the event of the interested party’s consent, other commercial communications may also be sent which are not included among those indicated above.

3) Without prejudice to the possibility for the interested party to object to this treatment by using the appropriate page on the platform to choose which notifications to receive or by contacting the Data Controller at the email address indicated above. However, the interested party is informed that the refusal to receive such communications could compromise the experience of using the Services.

4) The data provided will be used with IT and telematic tools for the sole purpose of providing the requested service and, for this reason, will be kept exclusively for the period in which it will be active, unless they are necessary for the other purposes indicated above.

5) Only for the purpose of sending communications, the Data Controller uses profiling mechanisms by making differentiations based on the type of customer, the sectors of interest and the relevant elements. The consequence of this treatment is represented only by the sending of specific communications.

6) For the purpose of sending these communications, the contact details and other useful information will be transmitted to suppliers of the newsletter service.

14. Information on the use of cookies and other tracking tools.

Our services use (for technical reasons, to improve services, for marketing purposes and to track user experience) various tracking tools including Google Analytics, Google Firebase, Facebook Analytics, Pixel Facebook, Adjust, Sentry, Hotjar etc.

Cookies. This paragraph is intended to inform users of our site on how to manage their personal data by providing information relating to the processing of data using cookies.

Our site and app automatically collect certain data during user visits. These data are used in order to verify the correct functioning of the services.

Among the data collected with cookies are included: Internet Protocol (IP) address; type of browser used to connect to the site; date and time of the visit to the site; web page of origin; number of clicks.

This data is managed through cookies. Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by users send to their terminals, where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites on the next visit. The cookies of the c.d. “third parties” are, on the other hand, set up by a website other than the one the interested party is visiting.

Cookies allow our site to recognize the device and are intended to facilitate efficient navigation between pages.

All cookies other than technical ones are installed only following the consent expressed by the interested party. The first time you visit the site, you accept this installation by clicking on the appropriate button on the brief information banner on the landing page.

Our site uses technical cookies: they are necessary for the management of the log in functions, for the management of the game functions and in general for the functioning of the site. The use of these cookies does not require the collection of the consent of the interested party: everyone can deactivate them through the settings of their browser.

Below are the links to the help desk of the main browsers where you can find information on how to disable or delete cookies:

– Internet Explorer:

– Google Chrome:

– Mozilla Firefox:

– Safari:

Clearly, blocking cookies will directly affect the user’s browsing experience on our website and could prevent the site from functioning, participating in games and using the services.

Our site also uses third-party cookies, i.e. set by website or server managers other than the owner.

In particular, our site can incorporate social buttons on the Home page and on the pages dedicated to the news of the site to share and comment on our news on your profiles.

When the interested party clicks on the button accepting the use of cookies, they are installed. The method of processing the data collected by these cookies is governed by the privacy policies of the individual social networks, which are:

Facebook (cookies):

Facebook (privacy):



Our site includes components transmitted by Google Analytics and Google Firebase (analysis services provided by Google). These cookies are used to analyze information on the user behavior of our site by the interested party (pages visited, time spent on the site, etc.).

You can prevent the use of these cookies in your browser by installing a specific add-on available at the following link:

At this link you will find further information on the use and management of data transmitted by Google Analytics.

The site also uses Google Adsense cookies necessary for the management of advertisements. For more information, you can visit the following link:

The data collected through social platforms and other cookies could be shared with services located outside the European Union area.

Tracking pixels: With the help of flags on our pages, we record so-called tracking pixels – e.g. with each loading of our page, they check how often it is called up and clicked on – always without any access and connection to the computer of the data subject. We use the “tracking pixel” of Facebook Inc. (Menlo Park, California) to track user behavior after they have clicked on a Facebook advertisement and been forwarded to the provider’s website. This makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical and market research purposes. The data collected in this way is anonymous, i.e. personal information about individual users is not displayed. However, taking into account the situation that has arisen, it is important to specify that the data are stored and processed by Facebook which could link the information to the related Facebook profile of the interested party and use them for its own promotional purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Information on the processing of personal data. Facebook Data, available at The interested party can allow Facebook and its Trainers to propose advertisements even when not connected to the social network. For this purpose, a cookie may be stored on the computer of the data subject.

You can object to the collection of your data by the Facebook pixel or the use of your data for the display of Facebook advertisements at the following address: ads.

Being certified for the purposes of the Privacy Shield, Facebook guarantees compliance with European data protection legislation ( The legal basis for this treatment is established by the Art. 6, paragraph 1, letters b) and f) of the GDPR (i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation).

Email opening tracking: We point out that we evaluate the behavior of the data subject when reading emails with the help of so-called web beacons or tracking pixels. With this integrated information, we can create a user profile to personalize marketing emails/push messages. We collect data when you “Click” on our emails, or any links, and combine that data with your actions in the products. You can withdraw your consent to marketing emails and push messages at any time by clicking on the link at the end of the email or by changing the push message settings on your device. We store tracking information as long as you subscribe to our marketing emails.

15. Rights of the interested party

The interested party, if the limitations provided by law do not apply, has the following rights:

1. Right to obtain confirmation from the Data Controller as to whether or not personal data concerning him is being processed, and in this case, the right to obtain access to the data and further information listed in art. 15 GDPR;

2. Right to obtain from the Data Controller the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning him without unjustified delay; taking into account the purposes of the processing, the interested party also has the right to obtain the integration of incomplete personal data, also by providing a supplementary declaration;

3. Right to obtain from the Data Controller, without unjustified delay, the cancellation of Personal data concerning him, where one of the reasons indicated in Article 17 of the GDPR exists;

4. Right to obtain from the Data Controller the limitation of processing when one of the hypotheses listed in Article 18 of the GDPR occurs; oppose the processing of personal data, when possible;

5. Right to receive personal data concerning him; right to transmit such data to another data controller without impediments by the Data Controller, if the provisions of art. 20 GDPR.

Each interested party can exercise their rights by sending a request via email to the Data Controller, at the email address indicated in this statement.

The interested party also has the right to lodge a complaint if he believes that the processing of personal data does not comply with the provisions of the law; such a complaint can be submitted by registered letter with return receipt addressed to Guarantor for the protection of personal data, Piazza Venezia, 11, 00187 Rome, or by certified e-mail message addressed to (or via the contacts indicated on the website of the Guarantor).

16. Specific information for Hosts

This policy applies in full to the Hosts except as specified below.

Among the data of the Host that are processed, we mention in particular name and surname, company name, tax code, VAT number, address of the place where the sporting activity is carried out, billing address, payment details, any professional order of affiliation and registration number, billing email, telephone number, images and videos uploaded, identity documents and any certifications communicated.

The Host profile can be made public on the Platform and in this case the information entered is therefore public and accessible by all users of the Platform. Among the public information we mention: name, surname, area, reference club, contact details, media, images, videos, any other additional information added by the same Host for promotional purposes, characteristics and details on the services offered, and everything necessary to the use of the services and features of the Platform.

The Trainer’s data is processed (as well as for the purposes and legal bases indicated above) mainly for the execution of the existing contractual relationship between the Owner and the Host described in the documents called “General Conditions of Use of the Service for the Host” and “Commercial Conditions Reserved for the Host”.

For the purpose of promoting its profile and its services, the Host can publish and show Users images of the results obtained by its customers. The Host will only use the images of its customers, undertaking towards to obtain explicit written authorizations from the same, in a manner compliant with the privacy legislation and subject to the modifications to the image necessary to make the subjects unrecognizable. In any case, the Host cannot use the images uploaded by Users on the Platform but only those transmitted directly by customers for this purpose with methods external to the Platform.

In case of express consent from the Host, commercial communications and newsletters may be sent also for services not similar to those for which the Host has provided its data.

17. Changes to the privacy policy

The Owner reserves the right to make changes to this information at any time, giving notice to the interested parties by means of publication on the platform and in any other ways required by law. The interested party who continues to use after the publication of the changes accepts these changes without reservation. We will notify you when we make material changes that you need to be aware of.