Lessons and membership management

The perfect management system for your center

Creating and managing diversified profiles for members and clients with Wansport becomes extremely simple.

Add all the user types you need, customizing the configuration for each one of them. This way, you can allow or restrict specific system functions according to the internal regulations of the club.

Manage membership fees more effectively

Authorized operators can monitor all profiles and create reports to always keep track of the activity trends.

Wansport analyzes the regularity of the payment of membership fees subscribed by members in order to enable or block a user’s access to the club or the services provided.

The renewal of the fees for the following years is carried out massively with just a few clicks, saving a lot of time in secretarial operations.

Advanced Booking

Booking a court or a lesson has never been so easy! Wansport offers technologically advanced tools to allow easy access to the club’s resources, enabling various channels:

  • Online
  • At the club’s front desk
  • At the touchscreen kiosk

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