Courts and Activities Booking

The App for your users

A perfect tool to book, access and promote all your sports activities

Increase your visibility

A community of over 2,000 sports centers in Italy with over 1.5 million sportsmen.

An immense showcase that projects your sports center towards a new dimension.

The dashboard of your club

Your customers can easily organize, book and access sports activities.

Stay connected with your players and interact with ease.

Attractive and stimulating functions for athletes

The Wansport App makes it easy to organize a game or a sport activity.

Just indicate when and which sport to practice and in a moment you can get in touch with other players who have shown the same availability.

All in real time.

Create games and invite players with just a few clicks

Inviting or searching for other players of the same level and collecting their availabilities has never been easier.

The player can define the level, gender, age group and when there are all the game you book automatically.

An app designed to engage

With the Wansport App, sportsman can view:

  • Players available on the same day
  • People he often plays with
  • Groups of friends for massive invitations
  • Players close to his level
  • People available at the time indicated

Find last minute players? Now you can!

It is possible to offer a game to another player, and if already present at the Club will be enough to frame the QR Code of the booking and the game is done!

Wansport makes your center more social than ever

With the “player search” feature it becomes easy to collect memberships while the player shares matches on social and instant messaging such as Whatsapp and Telegram

And not only…! The sportsman can massively invite other new players with targeted filters at his disposal.

In-app chat. A new way to communicate to your users

People involved in the game or in a group lesson can now chat with each other directly in the App.

Coordination becomes easy and time-saving, all live.

And with the new Wansport Chat feature the sports center can contact players by chatting directly in the App!

Public matches visible to all

Immediate opportunity to do sports and new knowledge.

Now you can create an event and make it open to all who want to attend.

the player can consult the games created by others and propose themselves or can add themselves directly.

levels of play

Because a compelling game needs the right players.

The player can create his profile and have his level assessed by a Club instructor.

If enabled it can also make a self-assessment following the instructions provided in the rating system.

In questo modo è possibile organizzare partite con giocatori dello stesso livello, una funzione molto apprezzata dagli sportivi!

Challenges and Rankings

Your users will experience a healthy sporting competition by challenging other players in the leaderboard.

Wansport evaluates the level of “Power” to assign the score of each competitive match.

The system will reward the player by distributing more points if they challenge players on the card stronger than him. Dude, right?

You just have to climb the leaderboard and become a legend in your Club 🙂

Friends and groups

The Wansport App allows you to create groups of friends and favorite playmates so you can send and receive game proposals.

An ecosystem of communication that a community of 1.5 million players use daily with great satisfaction of Wansport Clubs

From courts to lessons, members can book every activity the club would like to show on the planning, online.

Programs and Lessons Management offers different kind of customizations: planning of day and time, list of activities, assign coaches, extra services, coupons and promotions, differentiate pricelist for different user types, define payment plans and program renewals. A register of all attendees can also be automised using the access control module.

Administrators can use their own interface where they can manage these activities. It is possible to set up lots of configurations concerning court rules, such as recurring bookings, customized price list, time slots (i.e. 30, 60, 90min) and booking cancellation rules.

Extra cost, such as lighting and heating, can be applied to specific activities or bookings. it is also possible to specify rules and exceptions, for instance, admins can choose days and hours when extra costs would be applied.


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