Sport Center Services

Training and Support

Anyone choosing Wansport can consistently rely on the support of the training team and dedicated staff. The latter guarantees training sessions aimed at exploring the various potentials of the system and provides the tools and methods of use to best manage one’s activity.

Professional technical assistance is guaranteed in all phases of the system’s use, particularly during the implementation of the software.

Customization of Functions

Wansport is ready to meet the needs of your club. It can be customized through a careful analysis of the specific needs of the client.

New features are introduced thanks to the continuous development of the software and new functionalities. This approach has made Wansport the leading management system in the sector, effective and suitable for all sporting realities.

Always up-to-date and secure.

The Wansport team releases on average 6 major updates a year, implementing new features at no additional cost, with the goal of constantly enhancing and improving the solutions offered. Wansport is always at work researching, selecting, and implementing the best ideas with new technologies to ensure added value for its customers.

API for integration with other systems

With Wansport’s APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), it is possible to integrate it with other software and various payment services. Through dedicated processes, data generated in Wansport can be transferred to other operating ERP systems, effectively saving precious time in data processing.

By integrating the system with the club’s website, it allows the sports center’s clients to access it directly by consulting their own web page.


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