Access Control & Automation

Wansport™ Home Automation to Reduce Consumption

A single management solution to pilot the facilities and ensure control over who accesses the club.

Through home automation control, typical utilities such as lighting and heating can be automatically operated by the system in the presence of a scheduled reservation, effectively avoiding waste and unnecessary energy use. The software module is designed to communicate through international standard protocols (KNX), as well as with highly efficient proprietary solutions.

Access Control in the Club

With Wansport, it is possible to combine the use of turnstiles, barriers, and card readers to allow clients access to various areas of the club.

In addition to the simple access rules definable in the software, it is possible to automatically detect the client’s information to determine if, at the exact moment of access, they meet all the other requirements imposed by the club’s regulations and by laws. Indeed, a typical use of the procedures is to check for a valid medical certificate or to verify the accounting position and related deadlines.

Wansport ensures full functionality even in the event of a temporary loss of internet connection by using servers installed at the club’s premises.


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